December Featured Product Model FE

The Model FE Process Vessel Reference Electrode is designed to operate in environments where ordinary reference electrodes cannot survive. These include elevated temperatures, high pressures and/or contaminated electrolytes. This is a two-piece unit consisting of a bridge which is permanently installed at each location where potential measurements are desired and a separate reference electrode. Because the reference electrode is a separate piece, it is isolated it from the aggressive environment which substantially increases its service life. The reference electrode can also be removed for calibration or service without affecting the integrity of the vessel.

For intermittent readings, the reference electrode is simply pressed into the bridge. In this case, a single reference can be used with several bridges. When continuous readings are required, the reference electrode is threaded into the bridge. Reference elements available with this product are gelled copper/copper sulfate or gelled silver/silver chloride. You will find more data here Model FE

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