March Featured Product of the Month Model CB

A typical rebar monitoring system consists of a rebar probe, such as Model CP-REB, installed the same distance below the surface as the rebar being monitored.   It is used in conjunction with an Ag/AgCl reference electrode such as the Model CB-AGG for linear polarization resistance measurements of corrosion rate. In this application, the rebar probe is the working electrode while the rebar net is the counter electrode. By periodically monitoring corrosion rate, the efficacy of sealers, membranes and inhibitors can be verified.  Installation of probes is made easier by using a framework such as our Model CR1 rebar frame shown above. The probe and reference electrode are attached to the rebar frame in advance and the entire assembly is tack welded to a structural rebar.   In addition to simplifying installation, the use of the Model CR1 rebar frame ensures that the relative placement of the probe and reference electrode is identical at every installation site.

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